USBD FASHION LLC - Basic Outerwear, Costume
Main categories: Basic Outerwear,Costume,Medical Clothing,Maternity Clothing,Baby Clothing

USBD FASHION LLC, fabric that Speaks; is an American based clothing manufacturing & retailing company. Clothing manufacturing has been our family business for the last 40 years. Our manufacturing facilities are located in Bangladesh, which is the finest organic cotton producer in the world.

For the last 3 generations, we have been successful in creating trendy & innovating, affordable fashion, without sacrificing quality. We have also manufactured clothing and apparel for famous designer brands in Europe & America.  From cotton seeds to the finished product, we do everything in our facilities to ensure the quality and craftsmanship are superior. With the olden day devotion to outstanding craftsmanship along with fashion forward trending designs we bring to you a superior blend of originality, dedication and quality.